5G industrial wireless router for PLC wireless networking applications

5G industrial wireless router for PLC wireless networking

Industrial PLC integrates computer technology, automatic control technology and communication technology, and adopts user-oriented “natural language” programming for industrial control equipment. 5G industrial router for PLC wireless networking application, realizes PLC remote data collection and data interaction with PLC data generation layer and cloud data integration layer, and builds Reliable data transmission channel, remote center management of PLC equipment through 4G/5G network.

PLC wireless networking advantages of 5G industrial wireless router
1. Adopt 5G communication, which can realize more huge amount of data collection and forwarding.
2. Supporting multiple VPN encryption modes to guarantee data security.
3. Supporting multiple communication modes, while supporting wired modes such as Ethernet and wireless modes such as WiFi and 5G/4G.
4. Configure RS232, RS485 and other standard industrial interfaces to simplify field networking.
5. Support for hardware and software dual watchdog, multi-layer link detection, guarantee network online.
6. Support unified management of equipment, real-time monitoring of equipment through the cloud platform to improve the quality of operation and maintenance.

Features of 5G Industrial Wireless Router
The AR7088H 5G industrial wireless router Dual Sim can seamlessly interface with all kinds of PLC industrial networking applications, and can optionally be embedded in water and environmental industry standard statutes. It supports RS232 and RS485, Ethernet and WIFI port that can conveniently and transparently connect one device to a cellular network, allowing to connect to your existing serial, Ethernet and WIFI devices with only basic configuration.