What is an industrial PLC gateway and what are the functional roles of an industrial PLC gateway

What is an industrial PLC gateway

What is an industrial PLC gateway? It is essential for the Industrial Internet of Things to have a PLC gateway for remote control, remote programming, and remote monitoring.

Data is transmitted from different network environments to the cloud via the industrial gateway for processing. In addition to bridging different network environments, the industrial gateway with a data acquisition function also performs data acquisition as well as input and output control of the external environment. The industrial gateway is like the nerves of the human body, which transmits the information we perceive to the brain for processing. According to the various application environments in which we are in, the brain determines what kind of response to do through calculation, and transmits it to the body and limbs for action. . The industrial gateway has a wide range of application scenarios, including remote maintenance of industrial field PLCs, frequency converters, robots and other equipment; remote maintenance and management of construction machinery; remote maintenance and management of workshop equipment and process systems, etc.

Industrial PLC gateway function role
1. realizing remote control of industrial field equipment.
2. realizing remote upgrading of equipment firmware and downloading of programs on it, with flexible access to various equipment management platforms.
3. realize remote control of the industrial site touch screen and remote mapping of the configuration screen.
4. remote communication with multiple PLCs or touchscreens at the same time.
5. realize the mainstream protocol hardware analysis of PLCs such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, Schneider, Delta, Huichuan, Hershey, Panasonic, Yonghong, Haiwei, and MODBUS series.
6. realize PLC remote monitoring, PLC remote programming, PLC remote debugging, PLC remote download, PLC remote control, PLC data acquisition, and PLC remote communication.