The importance and functions of 5G PLC industrial gateway

5G PLC industrial gateway supports mainstream industrial PLC equipment protocols. Industrial PLC equipment can easily connect to the Internet, obtain PLC operation data remotely, perform PLC remote upgrade, perform PLC remote diagnosis, perform PLC remote monitoring, generate big data early warning, and is a kind of transmission terminal equipment in the industrial internet platform. It can remotely monitor the PLC real-time data of various industrial equipment through the 5G PLC industrial gateway, and then upload it to the cloud data platform through the gateway, ultimately enabling engineers to realize remote monitoring and maintenance.

A remote monitoring system will help reduce maintenance costs, save labor, and more efficiently manage various machines on site, tracking the real-time status of equipment, detecting faults, and enabling preventive maintenance.

The importance of 5G PLC industrial gateways

PLC industrial gateways are important components of automation equipment. A PLC industrial gateway directly connects to Ethernet, reducing wiring costs by approximately 10%. Its cost-effectiveness allows it to be widely used in newly installed systems and renovated systems.

PLCs play a crucial role in the field of automation, using forming part of a larger SCADA system. A PLC can be programmed according to the operational requirement of the process. In the manufacturing industry, there will be a need for reprogramming due to the change in the nature of production. To overcome this difficulty, PLC-based control systems were introduced.

To meet the demands of rigorous industrial environments, PLCs are designed to be extremely robust, often capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, humidity, vibration, and electrical noise. The logical controllers are commonly responsible for monitoring and controlling a large number of sensors and actuators, and therefore are different from other computer systems in their extensive input/output (I/O) arrangements. PLCs are used in several industries like petrochemical, biomedical, cement manufacturing, oil, and gas sector, etc

For example, PLCs, HMIs, and other smart devices around the well and compressor sites are connected to the AR7091 via Ethernet ports. Data collected from the now connected devices are then securely sent (encrypted) via OpenVPN, to the VPN platform via the LTE cellular networks, so that engineers can monitor these devices anytime from anywhere.

With secure remote connectivity, conducting online tests, variable tracking, maintenance, and diagnostics, remote program uploading and downloading, data collection, etc become easy.

An Industrial IoT (IIoT) Gateway integrates all PLCs and makes them ready for the connected industry. An IIoT gateway can bridge the gap between OT and IT, allowing the integration of PLCs to the IT, SCADA, or ICS network.

  1. Remote control of industrial field equipment;
  2. 5G PLC industrial gateway realizes remote upgrading of equipment firmware and downloading of programs on it, which can flexibly access various equipment management platforms;
  3. Remote control of industrial field touch screen and remote mapping of configuration screen;
  4. 5G PLC industrial gateway can communicate remotely with multiple PLCs or touch screens at the same time;
  5. Realize the hardware analysis of mainstream protocols of PLCs such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, Schneider, Delta, Huichuan, Hershey, Panasonic, Yonghong, Haiwei, and MODBUS series;
  6. 5G PLC industrial gateway realizes PLC remote monitoring, PLC remote programming, PLC remote debugging, PLC remote download, PLC remote control, PLC data acquisition, PLC remote communication;

What are the functions of the 5G PLC industrial gateway?

Alotcer’s 5G PLC industrial gateway can remotely collect PLC data, remotely maintain PLCs, and upload and download programs, with edge computing and protocol parsing functions. It is a suitable tool for building industrial IoT systems and IoT application software.

  1. Gigabit network port, 2.4/5G dual-band WiFi, optional dual-mode 5G dual SIM dual standby.
  2. Provide a python environment to meet the needs of independent secondary development applications, flexible expansion
  3. Support MQTT protocol and Huawei/Ali/Telecom/Mobile mainstream IOT IOT platform
  4. Meet the industrial control OPCUA protocol and MODBUS protocol conversion
  5. Powerful VPN networking function, PPTP, L2TP, OPENVPN, IPSEC, GRE, GRETAP
  6. Advanced security protection, support SPI firewall, VPN traversal, access control, URL filtering, VLAN, and other functions.
  7. Wired + dual-mode 5G + VRRP three-level link hot backup, financial-grade communication link redundancy design.
  8. Support special applications such as national grid public-private integration, hardware encryption, network encryption, etc.
  9. High-performance power-grade system solution, providing strong edge computing power, measured to meet -40~+80ºC application scenarios.
  10. Powerful cloud management platform and remote operation and maintenance system make project operation easy and fast.
  11. CE, FCC, UL, PTCRB, ATT, and Verizon Wireless are certified for global partners.
  12. Accessible and scalable, the Device Touch platform provides access to millions of devices without bottlenecking system performance.
  13. Featuring VPN technology, 3G and 4G LTE, and Device Touch software, the Router enables reliable, secure remote monitoring and maintenance applications for global industrial partners.